MESSAGE from the President

A Romance that makes itself better than Romance.
As the times change faster and faster, what is strongly sought after in a company is an excelling conception. Our unique position must be one that does not waver, and it must be one that perceives the values of the next generation and bases its proposals upon them. The starting point for such an endeavor is the collaboration with people who strive to make their lives more meaningful through mature tastes and sensibilities. With ‘customer satisfaction’ as our mission we continue to push forward making Romance better. We want to produce a lifestyle filled with a sense of high quality, at the centre of which is good sleep, which gives birth to health and healing power… Based on more than seventy years of the experience we’ve built up since our founding, we continue again and again to challenge ourselves.




Corporate History

1946 Kosugi Shokai (forerunner of Kosugi Shoji Co., Ltd.) established.
1947 Kosugi Shoji Co., Ltd. established.
1949 Headquarters moved to current address.
1950 Fukuoka Branch Office opens.
1957 Romance bedding brand developed.
1958 Tokyo Branch Office opens.
1961 Nightwear Plant opens(current Romance Factory Tanabe).
1962 Romance Chain established.
1977 New Kyoto Headquarters building completed.
1981 New Fukuoka Branch Office building completed.
2000 Tokyo Branch Office relocated.
2001 Company name changed to Romance Kosugi, Inc.
2003 Received ISO 14001 Certification.
2005 ’Human Environment / Sleep Science Research Centre’ opens.
2006 Sixty years since foundation.
2008 Osaka Branch unified in Kyoto
2012 Romance Chain celebrates its 50th anniversary.
2014 Solar power plant put in operation in Higashiomi City.




Corporate Profile

Established July 9, 1947
President Genichiro Kosugi
Capital ¥347.76 million (as of July 1, 2015)
No. of employees 135
Lines of business Planning, manufacture and sales of bedding,furniture and miscellaneous goods
Headquarters Kyoto
Sales head office Kyoto
Branch offices Tokyo, and Fukuoka
Main clients Department stores, specialty stores, general merchandising stores, textile wholesalers, catalog retailers, etc.
Main banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Kyoto-Chuo Branch)
Bank of Mitsubishi-Tokyo-UFJ, Ltd. (Kyoto-Chuo Branch)
Bank of Kyoto, Ltd. (Head Office)
Shiga Bank, Ltd. (Kyoto Branch)
Affiliated companies Romance Factory Tanabe Co., Ltd.





Kyoto Headquarters Office
Bukkoji Agaru, Muromachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Tokyo Branch Office
Kumatsutyou, Nihonbashi, Tyuuou-ku, Tokyo
tel: 03-3662-3311
fax: 03-3662-3310
Fukuoka Branch Office
Tenyamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
tel: 092-281-6611
fax: 092-281-1196